Frequently Asked Questions - TJM Bathroom Renovations
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to renovate a bathroom
Renovating the average size bathroom in Australia has a process that involves at least 5 steps. These include:

Strip out (removing what needs to be removed) approx. 1 day
Roughing in for plumbing and electrical if needed
Preparing walls and floors for sheeting and actual sheeting e.g. plastering or cement sheeting
Waterproofing of wet area e.g. shower area
Tiling of bathroom
Grouting of bathroom
Fitting off of fittings e.g. taps toilet etc.

This is a rough guide only and varies depending on size of bathroom and organisation of other trades if required. Most bathroom renovations take 1 – 2 weeks, however it will depend on what needs to be done.

How to measure area for tiles
Measuring areas involves taking the length and multiplying it by the width. i.e. a room with 3 metres by 3 metres would be 9 square metres.
If you need to measure areas that is not a square break it up into smaller squares and add them together, with method above.
For measuring areas that are like a triangle measure the length by width of that triangle and divide it by 2.
Always use metres to measure for contractors in Australia.
The difference between Wall and Floor Tiles
Ceramic Wall tiles are different to floor tiles, wall tiles are to be laid on walls only.
Ceramic Floor tiles can be laid on floors and walls, this is because wall tiles are much softer and break easily, and if you put wall tiles on the floor they will break.
Porcelain tiles are all hard enough to be laid on floors and walls.
How to clean tiles
Ceramic tiles are generally easy to clean, just wipe with a dry cloth or purchase a tile cleaning fluid from supermarket or hardware, several attempts may be needed because of the haze left on tiles.
Polished porcelain on the other hand has an extremely lustrous surface and takes more effort to get that shine on the surface.
Some tiles will clean easily but for others polishing the surface may be the only way, you can use vinegar (an acidic liquid) or buy a phosphoric based cleaner and use a polishing action.
For hard to clean tiles use a Phosphoric based cleaner, there are plenty on the market to try.
For really hard to clean tiled surfaces including grout try hydrochloric acid from the hardware and dilute to 1:100. Use gloves and masks as it is dangerous to humans. Do not inhale under any circumstances.
Can you also tile other rooms?
Yes, we can tile other rooms such as ensuites, laundries, toilets, bedrooms, lounge rooms, splashback tiling, pool tiling – all types of tiling.
Do you tile all types of tiles?
Yes we do glass block, imported tiles including European tile, granite and marble, terra cotta tile, slab stone and lime stone, porcelain and quarry tile, mosaics and you can rest assured you will get a quality job done with competitive pricing.